Tempus is building trustless secondary markets on all forms of variable yield.

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How it Works

Yield farming means putting your tokens to work by depositing them to a DeFi protocol, and earning the same token as a form of reward. Introduced by Compound in the context of lending, there are now hundreds of protocols that offer some form of yield farming.
Most forms of yield farming returns a variable rate of yield. This means that depositors can be subject to unpredictable fluctuations in their returns.
Currently, there is no easy way to obtain a fixed yield, leveraged yield or otherwise speculate on the receivable rewards. This is where Tempus steps in, offering four unique use cases:


Transform a variable yield into fixed yield.


“Lever up” on yield farming without the risk of liquidation.


Speculate on where yield will go in the short or longer term.


Earn extra swap fees on your yield generating tokens